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Quality Assurance and Innovation

About US

IsraZion Ltd. was founded by Jacob Brothers, and was established on 4th October 2010 in the industrial area of Haifa, Israel. IsraZion Ltd. operates in the cleantechnology to produce intermediate materials for rechargeable energy storage devices industry and other industries were smart carbon based composites are required. IsraZion Ltd. scientists are expertise in producing nanomaterials with high quality.

Product Portfolio

We offer a wide range of carbon based materials that includes Carbon black (CB), Carbon Fibers (CF), Graphitic parts, sheets, powder and fibers and smart composites materials. Our materials find applications in energy storage industry, automobile, aerospace, military, and nuclear reactors and solar & wind industry, etc. We provide materials with high quality and efficiency for complete satisfaction of our clients.

Important features of our materials

  • Low cost materials with finest quality.
  • High conductive materials for battery application.
  • Long Fibers to maintain structure of electrodes and conductivity.
  • High performance light weight Smart composite's.

Research & Development

IsraZion Ltd. scientists are engaged in high quality R&D activities to be active and to cope with new demanding trends of the market. IsraZion Ltd. has strong collaboration with scientists, academic institutes and companies that will help the company to have a leading edge in technology and innovation in the nanotechnology industry.

Our R&D activities

  • Innovative materials synthesis
  • Process development
  • High performance materials with limited budget
  • New Applications

Our Company Ethics

We believe in the success of our customers and their confidence. We purely stands on “Quality Assurance and Innovation” and definitely cares for our customer needs. The success of our customers is the true achievement of IsraZion Ltd. efforts.