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Graphite (G)


Our G-IZ1 materials are high performance products with efficient cyclability and safe anode materials for Li-ion battery industry.

G-IZ1-P-700-Graphite powder with 500-700nm particle size for Li-ion battery that will perform at low temperature for military application where the diffusion length is small that will help to retain the capacity of the cells in adverse conditions.

G-IZ1-P-1000-Graphite powder with micron sized particles for regular Li-ion batteries applications.


G-IZ1-F-3000-Graphite fibers with micron size length for Li-ion battery industry and Lead acid battery for EV application. The fibrous materials will maintain the structure and conductivity of the electrode in battery cells; this will give best results for EV in diverse terrain conditions.

G-IZ1-TF-Graphitic textile fabric for high temperature application.