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Dr. David S Jacob (Yaakov)

Position:MBA, Ph.D. – CEO

David, an entrepreneur and founder of IsraZion Ltd. is leading the Company with his management and R&D skills by initiating the manufacture of novel nano-materials. David has enormous interest in nanotechnology and he is an alumnus of Technion MBA Department, and Bar-Ilan, Chemistry Department. He has published 11 research articles and one review article as an author and co-author in international journals, and a book chapter in Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry, 2nd Edition, WILEY. He has also contributed in bringing up a book for young entrepreneurs "Incubators of the World", Best Practices from Top Leaders, PEARSON. He was actively involved in an entrepreneur course in Fuduan Univeristy, Shanghai, China 2010. He also initiated a bridge between Israel-China along with Dr. Jiang Professor at Nanjing University, Deputy Manager of Science and Technology, Xingdong, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, for the visit of Israeli scientist to various industries in Jiangsu Province, China, such as ZONEPV Co. Ltd., Xinda Co. Ltd., Hualong Co. Ltd., Huacheng Co. Ltd., Modern Agriculture and Packaging, Ruida Co. Ltd, and Hanrui Co. Ltd., with the help of Deputy Mayor of Nantong City Mr. Zhao and Prof. Uzi D Haan, Professor at Technion Institute, Israel.

David has extensive experience in nanotechnology industries. Mainly processing and synthesizing nano-materials under various energy sources such as ultrasound, microwave, single step pyrolysis, and high temperature atomization, for various applications, such as optics, coating, sensors, antibiofilms, cathode and anode materials in Li-ion batteries.

Prior to founding IsraZion Ltd. he was involved in an intensive three years research project with GM (General Motors) R&D in the development of new electrolyte systems for advanced Li-ion batteries in Bar-Ilan University.

David earned a Bachelors Degree in Science from Amravati University, India in 1998, Masters Degree in. Science from Pune University, India in 2000, after his Masters degree he joined Prof. Mrs. Nilima Rajurkar at Chemistry Department of Pune University, India, (a group of nuclear chemistry) on a project "Diffusion of ions in an aqueous medium and Neutron Activation Analysis" in which he carried irradiation experiment using 252Cf neutron source (at Pune University), Dhruva and Apsara research reactors at BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) under the guidance and help of Dr. S B. Manohar (Head, Radiochemistry Division) and Dr. A. V. R. Reddy (Senior Scientist, Radiochemistry Division).

The love towards the Holy Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael) encouraged David to make "Aliyah" on 15th March 2002 to fulfill the Biblical Prophecy "The Restoration of the Jews to the Holy Land".

After completion of his Ulpan Studies at Ashkelon Kalanit Center, he joined Prof. Aharon Gedanken’s group at Bar-Ilan University and completed his Ph.D thesis under the tutelage of Professor Aharon Gedanken in 2007. During his Ph.D. research he developed novel method of synthesizing metal fluoride nano-materials structures in ionic liquids. After finishing his Ph.D. he joined Prof. Doron Aurbach, Li-ion battery group at Bar-Ilan University in 2007 as a post-doctorate on a project "Advance Materials for Li-ion Batteries" and developed new formulation of electrolyte solutions for Li-ion batteries.

David believes that nanotechnology is the future of new generation with lots of innovation and science and along with his team is working towards making IsraZion Ltd. to be a branded company in nanotechnology material industries in Israel.