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Market & Industry

 ISRAZION Ltd. produces carbon, graphitic and smart composites products. The products are in the form of powder, fibers, sheets, simple and complex shapes materials for high end applications. These materials are used as intermediates in various industries.

  • Energy Storage Industry

ü      Carbon Black as conductive material

ü      Carbon Fibers as electrode and conductive materials

ü      Graphite as Anode

ü      Graphitic plates as Bipolar plate

  • Renewable Energy Industry

ü      Carbon for solar panel

ü      Carbon fibers and smart composites for wind fan construction

  • Automobile Industry

ü      Graphitic brakes

ü      Carbon fibers and smart composites for part construction

  • Aerospace Industry

ü      Carbon fiber and smart composites for light weight and high strength

  • Military Industry

ü      Smart materials as armor

  • Nuclear Industry

ü      Graphitic part as moderators

  • Filter Industry

ü      Carbon fibers as adsorbents