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Our Team

Dr. David S Jacob (Yaakov)

Position:MBA, Ph.D. – CEO David, an entrepreneur and founder of IsraZion Ltd. is leading the Company with his management and R&D skills by initiating the manufacture of novel nano-materials. More...

Mrs. Prarthana Jacob

Position:BE- CTO Prarthana brings her experience of electronic technology; to IsraZion Ltd. her expertise includes development of Battery Management System (BMS), VLSI, and Communication. More...

Mr. Israel Jacob

Position:B. Sc. – COO Israel is an entrepreneur and Co-founder of IsraZion Ltd. He is responsible for the research and development of the company, business operations along with management of resources. More...

Mr. Rakesh Naidu

Position:B.Com. – VP-Finance Rakesh is responsible for all the financial management of IsraZion Ltd. Rakesh received his Bachelor of Commerce degree (B.Com) from Nagpur University, India.

Mr. Abraham Jacob

Position:VP – Marketing & Sales Abraham brings his extensive marketing and sale experience to IsraZion Ltd. More...