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Mrs. Prarthana Jacob

Position:BE- CTO

Prarthana brings her experience of electronic technology; to IsraZion Ltd. her expertise includes development of Battery Management System (BMS), VLSI, and Communication. Prarthana received her B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) degree in Electronics from Marathwada University, Nanded, India. She has worked and actively participated in projects "Classification and Characterization based on Fuzzy Logic", Microprocessor based Addressing System and PC to PC Communication using Infrared LEDs. Presently she is pursuing her M.E. (Masters in Electrical Engineering) in VLSI as her field of Research under Guidance of Prof. Ran Ginosar at Technion Institute of Israel, continuing her project on "High-Speed Serial Interconnect". Prarthana believes and promises that IsraZion Ltd has a capability to produce novel nano-materials with reliable and safety results for our customers.