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Carbon Black (CB)

Carbon black (Cb)

Our Cb-IZ1 highly conductive carbon black powder is nanometric and micron sized powder that is used as conductive materials in batteries, Li-ion batteries, Lead acid battery, Supercapacitors and Fuel cells and PV solar cell. Our Cb-IZ1 material can be used in printing ink and coating industry. Our Cb-IZ1 type of material is activated under steam/KOH/H3PO4 to get high surface area activated carbon powder (AC). AC-IZ1 activated carbon powder is mainly for supercapacitor electrode preparations.

Cb-IZ1-50-Carbon black with 50nm particle size.





Cb-IZ1-100-Carbon black with 100nm particle size.





Cb-IZ1-500-Carbon black with 0.5 micron particle size.


Cb-IZ1-1000-Carbon black with 1-3 micron particle size.